The Mixed Media Explosion




Blicks Art Supplies in Wheaton
– Call (630) 653-0569  to register (Pre-registration required)

The Mixed Media Explosion

August 13, 2016      10-2:00pm      Workshop Fee: $45.00      All Levels

Ever wonder how many artist get images of photos, illustration and drawings incorporated into their work without repainting them? Learn how to use a picture, illustration or drawing you have created or alter an image and incorporate it into your painting or collage.

Students will explore mixed media and laying down paper, ribbon, nature, skins and images you have cut out and altered etc. Student will learn a basic transfer technique. Instructor will show image transfer and demonstrate the tacking iron method.

Students should bring a notebook to take notes and be prepared to take samples home that still may be damp.

Deposit required for sign up at Blick’s. For more details please contact Maureen.

 Supplies Needed To Bring

  • Students should bring any Golden paints and mediums they already have to explore and learn how to use them. Or bring at least three complimentary colors of Golden paint, either heavy body, fluid or High Flow.
  • Palette or grey matters palette paper.
  • Different types of surfaces to paint on. Canvas board, canvas panels, canvas pad or other paintable flat surfaces. Try to keep them to 9 x 12 or smaller. Have a least 2-4 surfaces ready to work on.
  • Palette Knife
  • Brushes
  • Black and white photo copies of images you would like to transfer.
  • Polymer medium gloss or matte medium (this is necessary)
  • Notebook to take notes and a pen


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